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What others have said about Hon. Virginia M. Morgan


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 25751
Rating:Not Rated
Judge Morgan retired at least 5 years ago.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 19023
She is well experienced in civil litigation with the ability to quickly identify the key issues and treats both sides with respect. Will come down on an attorney for not being prepared or making a frivolous argument. Have had two difficult employment cases that she successfully facilitated.


Comment #: 9704
She does not want to work, more interest in clearing her docket than achieving any justice or informed rulings, came totally unprepared, did not read the briefs, said she did not know what the case was about and said she didn't think anyone knew what the case was about and was incapable of grasping the facts when explained to her by 6 attorneys. She stated to plaintiff attorney that he had no business being at the hearing - until she was straightened out once again of the facts and he was plaintiff's attorney, got enthusiatic doing the Arsio Hall dog pound hoop and holler at the idea of defense that the case should go away. She also would not allow any time to locate a new attorney needed because original law firm was under financial problems and could not continue with the case. She forced the plaintiff to prepare summary judgment Pro Se instead of allowing a couple of weeks to retain new representation. She also through out affidavits of attorneys stating they would be willing to take the case but would need a little time to be brought up to speed. She accetped a false stipulated motion and admitted she should not have done that, but only said "oops , sorry".
Circuit court overturned her rulings 13 times as "extreme abuse of discretion". Of course she proudly stated that she did not care if her rulings were overturned since they usually are overturned. She is a disgrace to the U.S. system of justice. She cost Plaintiff tens of thousands of dollars completely unnecessarily in legal fees due to her unbalanced, prejudiced, ill informed incompetence. She is callous and arrogant and I believe mentally unbalanced by observing her bizarre court behavior that no transcript would capture- cameras would however. Every one of her rulings were overturned 2 years later as comments such as "nonsense" "outrageous" etc. refer to what she ruled in favor of. The stress, financial hardship and violation of the U.S. court system values that this woman causes to innocents trying to seek justicve in the U.S. courts is criminal.


Comment #: 9335
I went to court to discuss some tickets I disagreed with. This judge violated many of my civil rights. I felt she acted personally, and not with facts. Since then I have been acting as my Pro Se. I believe this matter needs to be re-address. However, I am having problems filing my complaints. I tried to contact commenters 9324 or 5278 however my transaction failed, you may still get in connect with me carmanitagonzales@yahoo.com

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: 9324
I have had several encounters with Judge Morgan and have also found her have poor judicial temperamen and to be significantly biased in favor of the defense or any type of business or corporate entity. She is definitely anti-civil rights. Her settlement and negotiation tactics amount to down right bullying and do nothing more that advance the side consistent with her bias. During a recent negotiation, she actually suggested that my representatives intervene in a federal investigation to make a matter go away for a Defendant as part of a settlement, which I was absolutely stunned by! Consequently, I and a lot of plaintiff civil rights attorneys I know have have little respect or regard for her.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 8333
Magistrate Morgan gets high marks for her industriousness, her ability to cut to the core of issues, and her evenhandedness. She has a willingness to get deeply involved in settlement, even acting as a facilitator on cases to which she is not assigned, with a very high percentage of successful mediations. She also has a delightful personality and a great sense of humor.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 5278
Poor judicial temperament. She acts like any argument she disagrees with is unethical. You have a definite advantage if she knows you.