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What others have said about Hon. Charles P. Kocoras


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 25854
Rating:Not Rated
Horribly biased judge who showboats in front of his clerks that hes a tough guy.

Judge Castillo will you allow this travesty to continue on your watch?

See other comments.


Comment #: 19139
Rating:Not Rated
BLOGS FOR Ivana Diamond Royner; Claire A. Williams; and Diane P. Woods


United States vs. Lamar Chapman 09-CR-672 November 16, 2012
Charles P. Kocoras, Judge Presiding


There appears to be no statue of limitations or moral boundaries on judicial bias. Accordingly, a slanderous legal opinion is never warranted.

The Court’s excursus on basic or text-book civil law issues strayed well-beyond the proper purview and function of a judicial opinion. The Seventh Circuit Panel, Honorable Ivana Diamond Royner, Honorable Claire A. Williams and Honorable Diane P. Woods, Circuit Court Judges Presiding should very respectfully be reminded, en banc, that the obligation to write judicial opinions on valid issues presented is not a license to use those opinions as a platform from which to propagate their individual world views on issues not presented or to defame the good name, character, reputation and intelligence of a minority litigant or represented party in the process for doing nothing more than the law allows.

Without any inferior court jurisdiction whatsoever, the Reviewing Panel allowed itself to be “weaponized” and criminalized breach of contract litigation, absent of criminal intent for the undue purpose to allow a Department of Justice acknowledged “sham” tax evading-non-revenue generating enterprise with no lawful affect on interstate commerce to game the Administration of Justice and gain a manipulated advantage over civil litigation. See, August 30, 2012, opinion of the Court.

This Honorable Court, very respectfully, must never be allowed to be used in such as adverse manner or used to condone or affirm “victim misconduct” only because misconduct affirmed is still misconduct.

Very Respectfully Submitted,
Lamar C. Chapman, III
Founder, Judicial Watch, 1991


Comment #: 12857
Rating:Not Rated
His absurd 11M ruling in favor of spammer e360 insight against British non-profit org Spamhaus has lowered my esteem of the US court system to near zero. Obviously this judge has not even looked at the facts of the case, starting with lack of jurisdiction. That we tax payers need to fund such a low-quality system is depressing.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 12743
Lazy, biased and fuzzy about conflicts of interest. If he is friends with your opposing counsel he will sit their and reminesce about the old days before poking you in the eye with a stick. Does not read the briefs and does not care. Wish the guy would just retire already.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 12605
Rating:Not Rated
A narrow-minded, condescending, pro-government, pro-big biz guy that will cherry-pick facts and has an itchy trigger finger to fire ofvsummary judgment at the drop of a hat,.

That's alll you need to know!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 10143
Very biased and unfair. In the approximately ten (plaintiff's civil) cases I;ve had with him over the years, I never went to trial once--he's lazy. He'll grant summary judgment for the defendant, twist the facts then decide what the facts are. If you're his friend, you've won the case. If you're a nobody, you're screwed. Justice means little to him. I recall once he did not recuse himself when his wife was the real estate partner of the defendant's attorney.


Comment #: 6930
This judge appears to be very partial. Does not appear to look at evidence. Once he's made up his mind, forget any attention paid to true evidence no matter how wrong the other side is. If you're a lawyer who is his friend, then that appears to make a difference - not justice or what the law is.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 6421
I got a summary judgment opinion from Kocoras that looked like he didn't even read the briefs. I think one of his clerks wrote it without much input from the judge. The 7th Circuit overturned Kocoras.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 4258
This stubborn Judge seems to have no idea on Spam / Junk mails.
Please help him to make up his mind by forwarding unslicited mails in your mailbox.
Has anybody his ( or the courts) mail-adress ?

Stop the spammers !
Stop U.S. courts trying to extend the range of their juristiction beyond the U.S. borders.
Judge Kocoras learn some geography - the U.K. is definitely not within the U.S.

Who has bribed you to favour criminal spammers ?


Comment #: 4250
Rating:Not Rated
Judge charles P Kocoras decision against spamhouse.org shows how stupid U.S. judges are. THERE IS DEFINITLEY NO jursidiction for Europe based on US-law.
We in Europe are wondering how far the "Bush Policy" will lead your legal system ? Will corruption be the base of jurisdiction ?
When will U.S. authorities proceed in stopping spammers. Our mailboxes receive hundreds of mails per day offering Viagra and other shit to our children.
Judgev Kocoras and cohorts please resigne as soon as possible ! Maybe he should care for medical advice.(psyhologigical)


Comment #: 3751
Judge who singelhandedly embarassed the State of Illinois by awarding an $11.7 million default judgement to a notorious Illinois spam outfit known to the FBI, against a foreign volunteer non-profit spam filter organization over which Kocoras not only had no jurisdiction but did not even question the Illinois spammer's statements before making the critically flawed award.

Charles Kocoras is a judge who should be retired and not allowed to make such incompetent judgements rewarding the state's spammers for lying to the court.

Perhaps unlike the rest of us the judge does not get any of e360insight's incessant spam, well he should so he can see what us normal U.S. citizens have to put up with from this well-known Illinois spam outfit.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 3744
Makes everyone comfortable. Handles busy calendar fairly and wisely


Comment #: 3264
Rating:Not Rated
Just a US Citizen who can not believe a Judge would think so highly of himself that he would put a default judgement against a non-american company in which he has absolutely no jurisdiction over.

Add to that he is rewarding and helping spammers with his default judgement against Spamhaus.

Good job judge. Now every spammers..porn, stocks, bank scams, and God knows who else will all use this case as proof of their right to spam.

Ego of a prosecutor and the power of a judge, but lacking in personal knowledge of the internet and spam. Really makes him unqualified to make said judgement. Don't you know every spammer in the world claims they only email people who signed up for their list?

I will be one happy us citizen when the Judges stop making decisions based on lies and their poor understanding of the internet and spammers. We are suppose to be working to stop spamming, not rewarding spammers for breaking the law. Maybe before releasing default judgement, a check of US anti-spam laws and made sure they complied before just awarding them the case simply because the other person did not show up.

Im just a regular every day guy, but am ashamed and embarrassed that our Judicial system is that stupid and ignorant.


Comment #: 1402
Former prosecutor who somtimes still carries some of his prosecutorial ideas in a criminal case.