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What others have said about Hon. Roslynn R. Mauskopf



Comment #: 35285
I have asked this judge to remove my lawsuit from the web several times to no avail. I could care less about her law degree and position. She is not a nice person and could care less about a disabled veteran that she dismissed a law suit against for defamation of character. Her arrogance and lack of empathy is second to none.


Comment #: 34820
Judge Mauskopf is a very intelligent person. Very knowledgeable, and very thorough.. Only issue is that she is very harsh. She does not believe in 2nd chances, doesn't believe people make mistakes, and automatically assumes your a bad person when your in front of her court. I was in front of her 3 times and every time she was rude and condescending. My case with her has been over for over 10 years, and now i can be honest and truthful as I have nothing absolutely nothing to lose and any reason not to be truthful... The prosecutors make up scenarios that don't exist just to make you look like a bad person, although i get it its their job and they get better ratings when you win, you should also have a certain sense of honesty, and not make a case where there isn't. I am not going to lie, my original case I was wrong and should of been punished, now to be convicted and sent to prison for such a lengthy sentence i think and spoke to several other judges which i do know personally was ridiculous. yes punish severe offenders, i agree, anyone that hurts someone, a group of people, children, etc yes punish. But there are some white color crimes that if she would of let me work, i could of made full restitution. She not only incarcerated me for over 10 years, but she also, tried to financially destroy me. well luckily for me she didn't accomplish the later... i came back better and stronger, but not to say i did not lose alot. i lost my family children, which is worse than going to prison, my health deteriorated, and she just doesn't care.. Now mind you this is coming from a conservative politically minded person. The judge here and anyone that goes in front of this judge be aware, there is not going to be any leniency, and will be punished by her to the fullest. now in all fairness, she did not give me the higher end of the guidelines as I was a 1st time offender, but she did incarcerate me numerous times for multiple lies that the PO dept, and the prosecutor brought before her. like i said, i agree i should of been punished but not destroy my whole life. I am sorry for everyone that doesn't have the same opportunities as me to bounce back...
By the way judge I am back bigger and better, and I am making twice as much as i used too... I got my kids back and remarried, and am happier than ever and not because of you but because i promised myself i would never let a person destroy me the way you tried too!!!

[Redacted by Ed.]

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 19341
While this judge is smart and does her homework, she is one of the most condescending judges I have ever been before. Even if you are appointed for life, you should not forget what it is like to be on the other side of the bench. There is simply no reason to be rude, demeaning, impatient and condescending to an attorney who has done nothing to provoke your wrath. When I was before her for the first time, she ripped me to shreds for "not being prepared with cases" during a pre-motion conference on a motion MY ADVERSARY intended to file that had not even been briefed yet much less served upon me. How on Earth could I have come to a pre-motion conference (which is traditionally a conference to pick dates to brief a pending motion) with case law for a motion that I had not yet been served with. I know that women sometimes need to be a little more aggressive to get the same respect as their male counterparts, but there is a definite line between agreesive and a totally irrational b*%^h.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 5858
Very professional, fair, and no-nonsense when presiding over trials. Kept things running smoothly for the duration.

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: 5668
Some people rise to the occasion on appointment to court. Others do not - and this judge is among the former. Even better as a judge than she was as a U.S. Attorney - and she was amazing as a U.S. Attorney.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 5150
Rating:Not Rated
Mauskopf was a Schumer favorite, and as U.S. Attorney shared Schumer's addiction to television cameras and publicity. (The kind of political "look at me" stuff you could never imagine a real professional like Bob Fiske doing.) Too soon to tell - she was only recently confirmed - but Mauskopf will need to work hard to demonstrate an even hand on the bench after her tenure as a prosecutor.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 5121
Some people rise to the occasion on appointment to court. Others do not - and this judge is among the latter. Even worse as a judge than she was as a U.S. Attorney - and she was awful as a U.S. Attorney.