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What others have said about Hon. Bernard Zimmerman



Comment #: 8834
You will get a fair hearing from this judge at a settlement conference. Stick to the key points - he's not tolerant of voluminous bs.


Comment #: 8833
Was involved in a settlement negotiation with this judge. We found him fair, reasonable and perceptive in understanding the parties and the issues. Perhaps a little to lenient to sleazy legal tactics but on the whole, fair and equitable.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 7875
The worst magistrate judge in the Northern District. During a settlement conference he refused to turn down his loud classical music. He is lazy, mecurial, inconsistent and wants to yell at counsel. He even turned his back on an elderly lawyer during oral argument because he did not want to hear a counter-argument.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 6812
Rating:Not Rated
As a pro se litigant who is well aware of the bias of many judges in federal as well as state courts, I was pleasantly surprised to find Judge Zimmerman consistently fair and impartial, knowledgeable, and quick to respond to motions and discovery problems (often within days as contrasted to judges who take months). He was willing to change his ruling when he realized he had made an error in dismissing with prejudice a cause of action (no doubt due to hasty reading, which can be excused because the courts are overwhelmed and understaffed). If only more judges were like Judge Zimmerman.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 6623
This was one of the most considerate and respectable judges I have ever come across. Very even-handed, or at least appeared that way in how he dealt with the parties and issues. No chip on his shoulder at all.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 6093
I have been in front of him twice. He seems great. One of the few judges I have seen that actually appeared truly prepared and interested. I argued a MSJ for a long time in front of him and walked away feeling like "Either way, that guy got it. He heard me out and when he was unsure of what I was getting at, he asked for clarification." (I won the MSJ.) I wish there were more like him. (Eveyone calls him "Zim," except the lawyer, of course.)


Comment #: 3153
Rating:Not Rated
We have deleted the first comment from this site since we could not affirm the bona fides of the poster. The Moderator.


Comment #: 3093
Rating:Not Rated
Prior rating and comment authored by Bernard Zimmerman. He likes to hear himself talk as well, and runs very lengthy criminal calendars.