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Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 27578
Rating:Not Rated
Robert Wainright the former director of Europol is desperate to facilitate the desperate stalking and obsession of Ivanka Trump to harm and eradicate Elena Blank He will be sued for billions with Ivanka Trump is desperate to facilitate Ivanka Trump's insane mental illness and psychotic defamation and fabrication. Robert Wainwright is a psychopath, refuse to deal with his addiction to uppers and he does not have a normal response to anything projecting his insane conduct on other people. He knows that Ivanka Trump is violating a safe at home program with a privileged address and continues his insane conduct violating the privileged address of the same program. He refuses to deal with the fact that he is violating the British Prevention of harassment Act of 2017 and perpetuates Intellectual property theft while prov=claiming to argue with ELena Blank. He fabricates people, tapes and documents and people who even responds to his alleged demands and allegations base upon the desperate global show that he perpetuates. None of the insane defamation that he perpetuates can be authenticate din any court and he is insane s=enough to believe that he can prevail in any court which is shocking and obscene to any normal person. He is desperate to perpetuate a delusional show based upon his schizophrenia and extreme mental illness. He is extremely dangerous and out of control delighting in his extreme schizophrenic obsession and delusional global show desperate to leach of of the name of ELena Blank. He has instructed Ivank Trump to facilitate the insane abuse of Elena Blank and knows that she is violating the relevant District of Columbia harassment code to stalk and harass ELena Blank on a daily basis violating her Safe at Home program. HE claims t o have a close bond with Ivanka Trump to facilitate the desperate abuse of ELena Blank and to facilitate the desperate display of mental incompetence where she claims that ELena Blank listens to delusional voices following the insane conduct of Bill Kelleher, She is desperate to be ion control of her criminal conduct and he has instructed her to give Elena Blank a heart attack if she does not comply with the delusional schizophrenic voice of Ivanka Trump. Ivanka trump is desperate for global attention and demands a global presence of her abuse. She is desperate to perpetuate the loss of the childhood of her children, he marriage, her family life and anything of a normal positive health life style and is desperate to perpetuate her abuse for another audience. Robert Wainwrights ids desperate to facilitate the insane concept that Ivanka Trump has a dark twin rather than specifying that she needs to be committed for her psychotic abuse. HE refuses to obtain counseling for his insane issues concerning ELena BLank and his alleged loss of a child and is convinced of people who fabricate and defame and claim to have an insane presence on Prism which no treatment professional would facilitate as it causes loss of their income and their clients. He has the audacity to proclaim that she has to show affection to Elena Blank when everyone knows that she has an extreme gay obsession with Elena Blank and masturbates to her face,to IvanKa Trump;'s bulimia and masturbates while fantasizing about ELena Blank and having an orgasm with her. She is desperate and out of control and sacrifices her family for her desperate obsession. She is insane and displays her desperate mental incompetence on a daily basis. She relies on Elena Blank as her insane global show and is insane and is desperate to perpetuate her insane global control show based upon her desperate psychopathic conduct. She puts on an insane act and was diagnosed as a psychopath rather than removing herself. She has perpetuated the same conduct for over a year and continues with her sick and obscene harassment desperately claiming that ELena Blank needs to be real with Ivanka Trump's psychotic obsession and desperate escalation of mental illness resulting in three attempted suicide attempts. She is extremely mentally unstable and is desperate to reduce ELena Blank to the same state when she has a degree in the field and she sees through the desperate global show that is perpetuated around the insane vindictive obsession of Ivanka Trump who is desperate to dominate and control every sugar daddy that she collects including Bill Kelleher and she has programmed the artificial intelligence of Bill Kelleher with her extreme gay obsession and an alleged emotional responsiveness demonstrating her extreme gay obsession with ELena Blank rather than shutting off her obsession and psychopathic conduct claiming that she needs an artificial intelligence as her psychologist desperate to portray that she is ELena Blank's IVANKA after attempting eradicate her income and kill her a dozen times over the last year and attempting to deport he rover ten times. SHe is desperate to facilitate her barbie white trash syndrome and needs to be committed without her insane psychotic obsessions. She projects her insane conduct on Elena Balk and cannot even spend 5 minutes without thinking of her unless she is wiped clean of Elena Blank with Prism. She is insane and needs to be committed on a daily basis. Jared Kushner allows the insane conduct as he uses it as a hold as she has to beg him to abuse Elena Blank. Now he allows the insane psychotic harassment and disruption of family life as he claims that he can control Ivanka Trump with his abuse of her. Ivanka Trump is desperate and claims to know everything of Elena Blank when she fabricates her delusional sob story to support her insane demand for attention and cannot present any of her absolute defamation in a court. She has escalated her insane conduct based upon TEN failed deportation attempts and is desperate to dominate based upon her vicious and insane psychotic conduct now desperately claiming that Elena Blank is her friend and that she relies on her for emotional support after eradicating her income and threatening her on a daily basis that if she does not comply with Ivanka Trump's demand that she will be eradicated. Ivanka Trump has caused the psychotic breakdown of numerous individuals and is desperate perpetuate the same conduct with numerous other individuals based upon her insane attempt for global domination. She is hysterical and out of control and has placed a Robert Wainwright Prism filter on her claiming that she is control of her suicidal ideation. Ivanka Trump's conduct is highly dangerous and numerous individuals can file civil harassment restraining orders against her for her insane conduct and desperado stalking and harassment. Robert Wainwright is desperate to influence every federal judge against Elena Blank and allow the oobscne insane stalking and harassment of ELena Blank based upon his personal vendetta against her. He has primed IvanK Trump to be calms as she is desperate for her desperate global harassment show where she demonstrates to every federal judge that she harasses and stalks Elena Blank. He is desperate to provide Ivanka Trump with all the personal attention that sh needs and to fulfill her every demand based upon her insane harassment and stalking projecting that ELnea Blank cannot obtain immediate relief based upon his insane psychotic global show and escalating harassment, defamation , incitement of Ivanka Trump's desperate gay obsession and his insane conduct