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What others have said about Hon. Reena Raggi


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 30333
Rating:Not Rated
RR is the full package — smart, sharp and prepared — which is a pretty high compliment for someone I disagree with most of the time! That said, it can be hard to move her off of her position, or to get her to span the full spectrum of possibilities because her approach is generally pro-government. But, she listens and can be moved with the right argument.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 25935
Rating:Not Rated
I was before Judge Raggi in the Eastern District on motions and a trial and on an appeal where she asked a case dispositive question. It was an arbitration clause dispute and after reviewing what the law provided for each word in the clause, Judge Raggi asked what do you think the parties intended. Laser Sharp jurist.


Comment #: 21790
I was a appellee in 2008 against the CFTC. (See Judge Katzman). Katzman and Raggi were on the panel together. I was denied registration by the CFTC even thought the fund I operated was the victim of the massive Sumitomo, JP Morgan copper fraud. Now, I had hired a decent attorney to argue the case. Before he could even say a few words, Raggi interrupted him. She used nearly all of his time. She spoke about your clients "chip on his shoulder" even though there was nothing in the brief that had anything to do with my attitude. When my lawyer came out, he said, "that has never happened to me before and obviously Raggi was predisposed." I had waited 4 years to get to argue the case in front of the Second Circuit, and obviously someone had gotten to her. I wrote complaints, letters, etc, but as usual, nothing is ever done with these corrupt Judges.