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What others have said about Hon. Theodore A. McKee (Chief Judge)



Comment #: 22939
Rating:Not Rated
Judge McKee is as wise and temperate as a Federal Circuit judge can be. He sets the standard for judges to emulate.


Comment #: 22938
Judge McKee displays the very finest qualities of a judge. He is incisive, thoughtful, penetrating, and knows the law. He should have been nominated to the Supreme Court long ago.


Comment #: 22872
Rating:Not Rated
would it not be fair to say all judges whatever political party they might be and follow the law and constitution of the united states which our service men and fore fathers have fought for. I look at alot of cases of judges and i see a pattern of illegal immigrants getting away with literally everything. How about you and other judges enforce the the law already in the books, Maybe we the people would have more trust in you and the government. Its sad to see how much our people that are valid US citizens have lost their rights.Illegal means illegal they broke the law and should be returned to their origin of country and they should be paying the bill not me... So judge uphold the law it's my right no the illegal immigrant