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What others have said about Hon. Andre Birotte, Jr.


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 34344
There are so, so many positive mainstream news media articles touting Andre Birotte. That should be the first red flag right there! NEVER trust the media. I learned there was nothing great, or even remotely good, about Mr. Birotte. To sum it up, Birotte is pretty much the conservative Democrat version of Clarence Thomas, albeit two levels lower in the federal hierarchy, in that they seem to be cheerleading advocates for their respective party’s more conservative, power-hungry, and arguably corrupt-ridden agendas. These drone types also tend to decide in favor of the ultra-powerful, whether that be the bigger corporation and/or big government (as reiterated by the other reviewers here). Ironically, don’t count on Birotte to defend civil rights, either. Per a previous reviewer, calling Birotte “Birdbrain” is too nice. I have another name for Birotte, worthy of getting “cancelled” by the popular sheep masses nowadays. Anyway, don’t count on Birotte to make any decisions and/or rulings that are morally and/or ethically correct IF it does not fit the certain narrative, as well as what Birotte sees as the politically popular outcome. In this sense, do not expect Andre Birotte to make the right decisions that protect society and the longterm viability of the Constitution. Period. From what I have personally seen in Birotte, Birotte will make decisions that favor his self-preservation and personal bigotry, without looking at anything else in challenge of it. I used to be a big supporter of Barack Obama and his appointees; but I’ve learned through my experience with Birotte that Obama simply installed a slew of “judges” to meet certain Affirmative Action quotas, in fitting the MSM agenda, irregardless to the strength of character of the individual, to serve as puppets in doing the powerful’s bidding. (Makes sense: How did Obama go from owing student loans to having a net worth of well over $70 million, as well as owning a 30-acre beachfront mansion in Martha’s Vineyard, after leaving office?). But I digressed. In my opinion, just like Clarence Thomas, an anti-intellectual who has rarely said even one word in oral argument, and has an equally unremarkable judicial record, there is nothing intellectual, great, or even remotely good about Birotte. Birotte is the epitome of subpar mediocrity in the judiciary. In fact, it’s “people” in power, like Birotte, that we should all be blaming for the slow downfall of America, as well as the reduced confidence in America’s failed government and institutions. People like Birotte is why America will be third-class compared to China, Russia, and other countries on the rise. We deserve a lot better. We deserve actual leaders who courageously stand up, even when it isn’t politically popular. But most people don’t stand for anything, especially when it goes against the sheep. Most sheep will continue to feed off the alphabet news propaganda (ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Fox News, etc.), as well as conspiracy theories. If you’re in doubt, just research Birotte’s record yourself. Look into many of his arrogantly troubling rulings and background. Because is there a better explanation?


Comment #: 34301
André Birotte Jr. strikes me as a rubber-stamper for corrupt big government (which is probably how it was installed as a “judge”). Why have a Fake Judge at all, when the government — in Birotte’s courtroom — is in total control? Birotte is very much a placeholder for, and emblematic of, the false illusion of having a true system of Justice. It’s a disturbing trend that will only worsen because our public servants, which includes Birotte, fail to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. These types of people put the bureaucracy, their career, and their taxpayer-funded pay over the longterm common good. There is irony that this man fails to uphold civil rights. Maybe the Dishonorable Birotte should take a look at himself in the mirror for once. Our country is on the wrong track with these types in power. No wonder The People are rightfully pissed!

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 29736
Rating:Not Rated
Andre Birotte, Jr., like ALL Article III candidates from the DoJ, is a J-O-K-E. Why does the public get saddled and stuck for LIFE with Article III Judges from the DoJ a majority of the time? There are so MANY well qualified, complement and intelligent lawyers in America, yet time and time again we get stuck with these almost comical DoJ buffoons. Birdbrain Birotte is great if you're an AUSA and in a criminal case. Birdbrain Birotte is great if you're in a civil rights case and you're an AUSA, DAG, or government defendant. If you do not fall under these narrow, minority of litigants, you're going to get worked over by a Birdbrain; Andre Birotte, Jr. Oh, how I wish there were negative ratings.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 24277
A former criminal attorney who just doesn't appear to understand complex commercial arrangements and transactions and doesn't know he doesn't know. He also appears unwilling to change his mind even in the face of clear evidence that he was wrong (insecure?). Swayed by the simplistic superficial arguments (even when wrong) and fails to see complexity where it exists. DOES have a good temperament.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 23788
Engaged, knowledgeable, a pleasure to appear before. And I say this having lost the motion that was brought against my client. He had a tentative against my client but listened thoroughly and discussed all concerns. A pro.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 23595
Bias should be his middle name! Clearly, he is more interested in ruling in such a manner that would advance his courier as oppose to be a fair judge. His sole goal is to rule in favor of big corporations to protect his future! Stay away from his court room.