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What others have said about Hon. Richard A. Lazzara


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 21268
This judge is pro-government and not at all willing to listen to the defense and their highly trained and intelligent witnesses. He is disrespectful and "god-like" in court. He shames family members and does not listen to anything positive about a defendant. His sentencing is draconian and meant to de-humanize those who come before him. He is set in his ways, dispassionate, unfair and a disgrace to the judicial system. He hasn't an ounce of compassion. God help you if you come before him -- you will not receive justice.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 11660
Acts consistently with god-like view of himself; humiliates lawyers in open court at any opportunity (saw it happen to others, not to me). Strong bias toward government parties, even when they are accused of serious civil rights violations. Not a nice man.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 9350
Judge Lazarra has seemed to forget about Booker, he is one of the few Judges in the Middle District that still treats the Guidelines as mandatory, A Judge with no compassion as opposed to post Booker case law. Does not treat 3553 Factors as mandatory and often lets his own personal views clout his Judgment in sentencing. Does not deviate from Guidelines and the Middle District Defense Attorney's should be grateful he is being forced to retire next year. This is a man you would swear does not have family as he treats EVERY defendant as one in the same. A pure disgrace to Appeal Court decisions.


Comment #: 9047
Maj. Stefan Cook concerens are Constitutionally legitimate.
Your blatant dismisal is not in agreement with the constraints of our nations governing document which in turn makes you a political lacky, not an honorable judge.
It is people like you in positions like your's that are the ruin of our nation and it's laws.
Where is the birth certificate?
Who is Obama and where did he come from?
These questions will never go away until there is a sufficient answer.
Military personel have to know beyond a reasonable doubt that the man in the president's office is in legitimate possession of said office.
This has to be addressed.
It is not fair to dismiss what the peoples of these United States have the absolute right to know.
There is absolutely zero frivolity in this situation and saying there is does not make it so.
We the people have the right to an answer and we will get that answer regardless of who attempts to block us.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 6826
Probably the fastest judge in the federal judiciary. Is not afraid to rule on complex issues during oral argument, and will set accelerated briefing schedules. Dilatory tactics are unlikely to work with him. He is also quite sharp and fair.


Comment #: 4401
Judge Lazarra is by far the best judge in the MDFL. He is extremely thorough in his study, knowledge and application of the law. He is very fair in his rulings, attempts to seek justice, whether for the government or defense, and is appropriately and refreshingly decisive. He is an excellent judge of credibility and overall is the best judge in Tampa.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 1631
Judge Lazzara has lots of energy and is willing to work hard. He had no flexibility in changing a trial date. Appears to have definite leanings both in demeanor and his rulings for the prosecution.