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What others have said about Hon. Emmet G. Sullivan


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 33640
Judge Sullivan is a disgrace to the legal profession and should be disbarred immediately.


Comment #: 33543
The judge we need but don't deserve.


Comment #: 33298
Amicus briefs for Gen. Flynn; not allowed
Amicus briefs against Gen. Flynn; allowed
Is this justice?

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 33295
This judge has politicized his office to make a statement! When the prosecution files a Motion to Dismiss and the Defense stands down that’s the end of the case! You can’t override these decisions! You should be impeached and removed from the bench for serious abuse of discretion and failure to honor your oath!


Comment #: 33294
The un-just treatment of a 3 star General Flynn within our FBI Government Agency is a Disgrace to the American People. Mr. Barr has worked very hard for the people to clear the wrong charges against him. I'm a citizen and I'm ashamed that this is how our most highest department in the States is operating. They have shown they are pure Evil and Corrupt and would do anything to destroy the President of the United States. I'm disappointed that you are making the People wait to clear this mans name when it was proven he was set up. How do you except American Citizen to ever gain back trust in our Government if this is not handled in a timely manner. Why are we the ones having to wait for justice! This world has gotten so corrupt that media and politicians are no longer Truth Reporting. Citizens have to become the journalist and seek the truth.. How sad this world has become that In God We Trust is no longer part of our Justice System.. This will set up will forever change this Country's History. What is it showing our children … What have we become that we can't trust our own FBI agency or the Politician in our Congress. Who will fight for the Rights of the American People to do the Right and Lawful Acts? Please do not let the American People Down... Release General Flynn he is and has always fought for the good of this Country and was set up because of his affiliation with the incoming President. Please don't let the American People lose more hope for justice...


Comment #: 33293
Rating:Not Rated
I am sorely disappointed in Judge Sullivan’s handling of Michael Flynn’s case. His honors move for amicus brief is a seemingly political move. Our country does not need more activist judges on the bench, and this is an activist move with apparent political motives. I have read the case and files and I’m appalled that Sullivan shows no mercy or justification for his actions.

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: 25860
Very very very slow in ruling. Ridiculous.


Comment #: 23666
Has no concept of what the law is, extremely conservative, favors the government, especially when the government is wrong, and tends to give his personal opinion in rulings as oppose to matter of law. Why is he still on the bench? A waste of a robe.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 11648
Judge Sullivan is very results-oriented. He seems willing to disregard basic legal principles and settled precedent to reach his desired outcome. He is also often very slow to rule.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 11450
Judge Sullivan is a fair minded and impartial judge. He rules without regard to which side he thinks should win. He is very active in encouraging parties to settle disputes. He accommodates the parties on scheduling and balances the need to keep his docket moving with the need to complete discovery and resolve dispositive motions. He is one of the better judges to appear before in civil cases.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 6964
Judge Sullivan is a one-man legislature, out to do good for whomever he favors, without regard for the law.