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What others have said about Hon. Rosemary M. Collyer


Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 28694
Rating:Not Rated
Ivank Trump has escalated her desperate threats against ELena bLANK on a global scale and is an extreme cowards. She has escalated her attacks as she knows what she is doing and refuses to stop and is desperate for ELena Blank to commit suicide based upon he rinsane gay obsession and depsreate conduct with the CHINESE and Russian government claiming to be the twin of ELena BLank. She is desperate to attack, kill, incite violence against ELena Blank and is using the city of Yucaipa, Paul Toomey and Pam a person who works for Paul Toomey claiming that ELena Blank cannot escape Ivanka Trump and the alleged thought possesses that Ivanka Trump reads with the artificial intelligence of Bill Kellheer, She has escalated the insane psychotic conduct and is desperate that ELena Blank kill herself and has escalated that insane conduct desperate to achieve her insane conduct. She is using thousands of people to attack ELena Blank and various governments claiming to have control of them. She has escalated het extreme cowardice and is out of control and has attempted to kill her numerous times today be tampering with the brakes form her vehicle. Her delusions of grandeur have escalated out of control. and she is even more dangerous and psychotic than before

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 28685
Rating:Not Rated
Ivanka Trump is extremely dangerous and psychotic and has escalated her psychotic assault against ELena Blank using Bill Kelleher, attempting to kill her this morning and uses the Chinese government and Vladimir Putin to increase her psychotic and dangerous conduct desperate to continue her 10,000/month eradication of income based upon a contract that she eradicates with her fraud/defamation and sick obsession.. She has escalated her psychotic gay obsession and has escalated the desperate incitement of violence and is extremely dangerous. She is out of control and cannot control her actions or function in any capacity. Her conduct is public knowledge and has has increased her psychotic dangerous conduct that is equivalent to serial stalkers who kill their victims. Sh is on the same level as an abusive ex husband and is desperate to pretend that she can function based upon her psychotic dangerous conduct. A civil restraining order will be filed against her. Her extreme dangerous conduct is out of control and he has escalated to dangerous psychotic levels desperate to show her skills to Mike Pence, Donald trump and Melania Trump. She refuses to work in an y capacity except for her dotted summaries claiming to be a multi millionaire and has escalated he sick and obscene global gay show which is out of control and has passed her sick an obscene conduct in prism owned by ELena Blank refusing to give up Prism abusing her with the intellectual property of ELena BLank

Civil Litigation - Govt.

Comment #: 23467
Rating:Not Rated
Horrible judge: extremely outcome-driven rulings, anti-Obama Administration, and EXTREMELY pro-company and pro-Wall Street. Poor intellectual grasp of the law; a woman entrenched in the old boys' network. Unimpressive academic credentials. The worst of the GW Bush appointees. I've practiced before her in three separate cases.


Comment #: 23023
Appointed by George W Bush, and she is from Texas.
Her ruling that the House of Rep. can sue regarding the Affordable Care Act ranks with the bottom feeders. Good God, fossilized Republican brains at work.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 22837
Rating:Not Rated
Very, very pro government. If your case is before her...settle fast.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 12313
In litigation between the government and a large company, she seemed to come up with the result she wanted (in favor of the company) and then worked backwards.She got the facts and the law wrong in a ruling. I am a lawyer who works for companies, by the way. Wasn't before her, just interested in the case.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 11434
a company loving judge.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 10274
Very biased for companies. Representing an employee, good luck. Makes emotional decisions before hearing the evidence and then tries to back fill in her decisions with logical arguments. She should not be sitting on the bench and instead should be out practicing as defense counsel for companies to do bad things.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 8468
Despite some of her decisions, Judge Collyer is a remarkable jurist. In the numerous times I have appeared before her, she has always exhibited quality as a jurist. We may disagree on legal issues but that's why we have appellate courts. A lady.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 3083
Judge Collyer has shown herself to be well versed in the issues, very, very gracious to counsel and thus far seems to be pretty even-handed in her rulings. I am one of several attorneys in a pending death penalty case and am encouraged by her rulings and demeanor. She really has spent a lot of time to become familiarize herself with all of the issues and has spent a lot of time thinking and considering our arguments.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 1737
Judge Colyer is one of the most openly biased judges that I have ever seen. She is pro government in all respects. Neither the rules nor ethical considerations deter her bias or ex parte communications. As for trial, avoid it at all costs.