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What others have said about Hon. Joseph A. Greenaway, Jr.



Comment #: 7902
The 3rd Circuit reversed Judge Greenway on granting the defendant's motion to suppress a search which found a gun. The basis of the District Court’s ruling to suppress the handgun here was its initial presumption that the officers seized
Crandell within the meaning of the Fourth Amendment. In presuming that a Fourth Amendment seizure occurred, the Court did not evaluate the facts and circumstances surrounding the encounter, but instead reasoned that the anonymous tip tainted the approach and negated the possibility of consensual interaction between the police
officers and Crandell. (The case number is No. 07-4004.) This judge is far too lenient in sentencing and granting motions to suppress.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 7521
I have read the other comments about Judge Greenaway ("JG"). JG is a great human being and a thoughtful judge. There is no judge I have ever seen who is better with, and more considerate of, a jury. He is also respectful of counsel and it is truly a pleasure to try a case in his courtroom. Of course, he is a former prosecutor and (like most current federal judges) his tendency is to favor the government; he can be a harsh sentencer. Nevertheless, he does not hesitate to take the US Attorney's Office to task when appropriate (including the US Attorney himself). Thankully, DNJ has quite a few fair judges; JG is definitely one of them.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 6509
Paper moves very slowly in his courtroom. Never writes anything for publication; if that's not his choice it tells you something, and if it is it does too. (Who knows how that works?) Great demeanor and a fun guy to be around, but you have the impression he's cruising. I don't think he lacks the ability to do heavy lifting but he hasn't shown it in several cases I've had in front of him. A prospective clerk interviewing with him had the distinct impression that he was anti-intellectual. I couldn't really find any reason to disagree.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 5921
A nice enough guy, but he is extremely lazy and not very bright.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 5084
Fast becoming my favorite judge in this courthouse. Judge Greenaway is fair, intelligent, courteous, and responsive. They don't come much better.


Comment #: 2798

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 1286
A great jurist, very down to earth and academic at the same time.