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What others have said about Hon. Louise W. Flanagan


Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 35464
In a recent Title VII civil rights discrimination case, overwhelming direct and circumstantial evidence was that showed a clear case that should have went to the jury was presented to the court. Not only did Judge Flanagan weigh in on the evidence as if she was the jury, she ignored direct evidence of discrimination and retaliation. She covered up corruption and illegal activity that was “swept under the rug” by the employer, refused to admit additional direct, recorded evidence from the employer that discrimination existed, ignored direct recorded evidence of the employer’s HR telling the plaintiff to hire a lawyer because the employer was actively seeking to terminate the plaintiff, dropped the case at summary judgement to protect the employer, and then sealed the case so no one in the public could see. Her discriminatory actions represent the most egregious violation of due process and constitutional rights to a trial by jury. She has sent a shockwave across the Eastern District of North Carolina and has delivered a clear message that if you are a minority, female, or person of color fighting for your constitutional right to address discrimination in the work place, your case will not be heard in her court room, and you are not welcome in her district. Though in a powerful position, her decision represents the worst of our ideals and reinforces that all men and women in her sphere in influence are not equal, or at least will not be treated that way. If you are a Caucasian male in the Western District of North Carolina, you can file a reverse discrimination lawsuit (Duvall vs Novant Health Inc), be given your day in court, go before a trial, and be awarded $10 Million Dollars. But if you are a minority or female in the Eastern District and you go before Judge Louise Flanagan, prepare for your case to be dropped, having been adjudicated with minimal effort and overwhelming bias. It is a sad day for America when we need unity and equality for the challenges that lay ahead.


Comment #: 24135
Rating:Not Rated
I have no experience with this judge, but I'd like to appeal to her sense of social justice in supporting the expansion of Medicaid in North Carolina. It only helps many of our residents who can't afford medical treatment without it.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 22695
In the civil litigation context, this is a very thorough and even-handed, but exacting judge. Compared to other judges, who seem to rubber-stamp the parties' proposed DSO without even looking at it, she sets forth a detailed Case Management Order that makes clear what her expectations are all the way to trial. As with several other District Court judges, however, it can be a lengthy wait for an opinion after briefing has been submitted on a motion, sometimes closing on a year. Also, be sure to review her judicial preferences, as well as the local rules, when she is your assigned judge.


Comment #: 21034
Rating:Not Rated
I recently had a chance to sit in this judge's courtroom in New Bern, North Carolina. I just had to laugh. Her complicated questions and her haughty demeanor are clearly an effort to mask her complete failure to understand what is going on. How do people like this make it to the bench?


Comment #: 18885
Rating:Not Rated
praying these comments are not true and that God fills her heart with goodness, rightousness, mercy & grace.


Comment #: 18821
Rating:Not Rated
I had occasion to sit in Judge Flanagan's court recently. I have never see a more inept judge nor one who has such poor control over her courtroom. A pro se defendant in a criminal terrorism case revealed that Judge Flanagan is unable to deal with difficult situations and has an eye only of how she might get to a higher court. More importantly, it was clear the judge took the bench each day with her own reputation in mind and with an incredible sense of self-importance. Her abuse of the prosecutors was shameful. This judge is an embarrassment.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 18308
Judge Flanagan is one of the most self-centered, egotistical and cold judges I have ever met. It is truly all about her own self-importance. For someone who had little to no experience when she came to the bench she certainly acts as if she knows it all. There is no room in her world to admit she doesn't know something.

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 8690
Smart, hard working, attentive to detail, prepared and responsive. Good judge to have on your civil case regardless of side.