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What others have said about Hon. Neil V. Wake



Comment #: 33046
Monday, March 18, 2020
Civil Rights Atty Shawn Mcmillian's client won an appeal against Judge Wake in the 9th Circuit. Wake was obviously upset, showed shocking behavior and bias throughout these proceeding against Mr. Mcmillian on the other hand Wake showed deference, kindness and legal guidance as if he were an attorney for the opposition. Mcmillan showed great restraint, patience and respect toward Judge Wake nevertheless, Wake screamed, at Mr. Mcmillan, pounded his desk, interrupted, overruled and sustained objections against Mcmillian countless times with anger and hostility so much so, the jury could not help but notice, causing shock and discomfort for those in the gallery and the jury. Judge Wake screamed at Mr. Mcmillian that he was boring the jury with repetition of facts of the defendant's violations of the Constitutional rights of his client. Wake shamed Mr. Mcmillian by telling him, his arguments regarding defendant's Constitutional violations against his client… by seizing her daughter without warrant, or exigency, a factual, honest or complete investigation were meaningless! Wake apologized to the jury regarding Mr. Mcmillian's behavior!!! At times when those violations were brought up by Mr. Mcmillan during the trial, Waked seemed on the verge apoplexy. His disapproval of Mr. Mcmillian was unyielding in front of the jury.

Without the jury, in the court a 2 hour jury instruction meeting with Judge Wake made it clear to Mr. Mcmillan that Wake with the defense team stacked the deck against Mr. Mcmillian. Mcmillian showed his concern to Judge Wake that his jury instructions were changing daily and they were suggestive, Shaw Mcmillian did not say biased. Biased is the word court watchers are using to describe Judge Wake. In decades of court watching I have never seen such sustained, vicious, biased, out of control behavior by a judge. It was shameful!


Comment #: 26363
Very disrespectful to lawyer he obviously did not agree with //// And was very respectful ( sweet ) to the lawyer he agreed with..... DID NOT ACT LIKE A REFEREE ..... MORE LIKE A FRATERNITY BROTHER OF THE ONE

Civil Litigation - Private

Comment #: 25173
These "other" reviews of UnHonorable Neil V. Wake are complete bias, who knows maybe they are County or City Reps giving him credit for their win against those "in the right". In my case, Hon. Wake dismissed the case in favor of the Defendants City of Mesa, to assist their contemptuous Attorney Duncan Stoutner and the City of Mesa in illegal actions. Judge Neil Wake clearly denied Ellington the right to a fair trial, fair prosecution, disclosure, and fair treatment in this case. This Judge is trash, who sent a man to death, suffering terribly in a execution case prior. There is nothing fair about this Judge, and I hope to God someday he is removed from his Office. Judge Wake at no time granted fair proceedings for a disabled combat veteran, allowing the City of Mesa to not provide the Plaintiff disclosure to equitably prosecute his case. I hope that Judge Wake burns in hell someday, along with Kozinsky of the 9th Circuit; for their actions. Judge Neil Wake also DOES NOT LISTEN TO EVERY SIDE, every motion to the Court for Justice. He blatantly discriminates against Civil Litigants, and the disabled. Judge Wake is a hypocrite and does not seek sanctions against City Representatives and Attorneys that violate disclosure. Attorney Duncan Stoutner, for the City of Mesa, lied to Judge Wakes face in open court and afterwards, the idiot let him get away with this. There is no Justice in the Arizona District Court.


Comment #: 25054
Held meeting with attorney who did not represent us. We had discharged the attorney months before the meeting. The attorney fail to notify him. We sent notice to the judge about this he returned letter to us with notice we are to have no contact with him. The attorney was let go due to fact we had no funds to go on with the case. The law firm knew they were wrong. They said do not pay the final bill due to the fact they did not represent us when the meeting was held. He took it upon himself to issue a judgement when nether party asked for it. I guess he was having a bad month and needed someone to take it out on. So much for the legal system. Another attorney wanted us to continue the case just needed $20,000 It just shows the poor get screwed by the system all the time.


Comment #: 23296
After my experience with Judge Neil V. Wake, I felt compelled to respectfully share this comment.

In past, I was involved in a Federal case with Honorable Neil V. Wake presiding. This was a very recognized and technically challenging case. Judge Wake maintained professionalism, proper judicial ethics, and demonstrated an unswerving laser focus throughout entire case. As another stated, "Wake listens". This is of absolute truth. He weighs in all aspects of a case before determining a decision. Observing Judge Wake 5 days a week, all day, I could not have been more pleased and impressed with his authority and candor. Rules of procedure were executed, he also remained impartial and respectful to adverse parties throughout.

In present, I've also had the opportunity to witness another judge, in a different state, operate in the antithesis of Judge Wake. Rules of civil procedure continually violated, rules of evidence disregarded without legal basis, and unconstitutional actions clear and evident. Various counselors are on record with exacerbation regarding the egregious malfeasance in this case and rightly so. The lack of professionalism, basic cannons of law violations, ignoring decades of settled law, knowingly and repeatedly misapplying law, and pure dishonesty are unsettling. Executing his moral and constitutional duties in a court of equity ceases to exist. This is a particular case where material facts and law from case background, critical and heavily weighted evidence is deemed inadmissible without explanation or legal reasoning by this judge. The above catalogued is only a drop of water in the vast ocean of egregious and unlawful activity. Though evidence-based, this case has been concealed and cleverly veiled.

Worth mentioning as I've had two very different experiences with judicial members. One could not have been more positive, respectful, professional and lawful, whilst the other, destructive by nature on all fronts void of legal basis. Never would I have believed a judicial member could operate so immorally had I not been directly involved and especially after such a positive experience with Honorable Wake. After observing Judge Wake at the helm, there is not a day that passes where I do not think of his regal and honorable presence for nearly 4 weeks. Nor will it be forgotten.

Regardless of the polar opposite ethical conduct of another, Judge Wake is the reason I maintain confidence in the judicial system. He exemplifies the critical importance of maintaining judicial integrity for the administration of justice at its core.

Whether presiding under state or federal institutions, procedures may alter, but judicial codes of ethics should remain unchanged and uniformly standard. As such, ethics should never wax and wane to suit a certain agenda for a preferred but unjust outcome.

Lastly, a sincere thank you to "Honorable" Neil V. Wake as you Sir are deserving of that title and respected more than you will ever know.

Criminal Defense Lawyer

Comment #: 10064
Wake listens. No matter how he rules, you can tell that he carefully considered his decision.