Hon. I. Leo Glasser (E.D.N.Y.)
He's getting way to risky at his age to decide complex cases. This judge does what he wants how he wants according to how he feels the day he comes in his court room. He's not a judge that shld be still on the bench very forgetful amd his staff helps maintain very scary for the judicial system.
Court Staff - (10/19/2017 6:08:25 AM)
Hon. James L. Cott (S.D.N.Y.)
Very fair, non-biased, neutral. Excellent job assisting with settlement with parties very far apart.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/18/2017 3:42:16 PM)
Hon. W. Keith Watkins (M.D.Ala.)
This judge twice issued stays of executions for killers one which 11th circuit immediately reversed and then issued another stay for Torrey McNabb based on nothing other than a fellow prisoner having an appeal pending. Radical anti-DP biased judge. Needs to be removed from all EXECUTION cases. Midazolam use is a settled issue. Its been used over 6 times since last known problem and that was procedural. This judge is incompetent. 11th circuit will have to over rule again by 19 Oct.
Prosecutor - (10/18/2017 10:59:09 AM)
Hon. Andrew L. Carter (S.D.N.Y.)
Weak trial judge. Difficult to get rulings out of him.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/11/2017 8:06:01 AM)
Hon. Lois Bloom (E.D.N.Y.)
One of the most openly biased judges I have ever encountered in 20 years of civil litigation. Doesn't seem to know the law, but doesn't let that stop her.
Civil Litigation - Govt. - (10/11/2017 6:07:08 AM)
Hon. Andrew G. Schopler (S.D.Cal.)
A superior jurist from what I have seen of him. He is also young and will certainly move up the ladder.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/10/2017 9:17:29 PM)
Hon. Charles S. Haight, Jr. (S.D.N.Y.)
The lights are on. But no one is home. Has a clerk who has never really gotten past second year of law school. Couldn't try a case if she had to.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/10/2017 7:32:28 PM)
Hon. Tanya S. Chutkan (D.D.C.)
One case with her shortly after her appointment. Not super quick to rule on the merits but better than average for this district. Opinion well done on a pretty easy case. Did a great job moving things along on remedy and got a good resolution. Good demeanor.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/9/2017 2:06:35 PM)
Hon. Ronald A. White (E.D.Okla.)
This lightweight must have been well connected to get a federal judgeship. Sanctioned for hiring his unqualified buddies. Called a hearing and was biased in favor of crooked rich prisoner who wanted testosterone. Just another mediocre connected white guy.
Civil Litigation - Govt. - (10/8/2017 6:37:01 PM)
Hon. Nancy K. Johnson (S.D.Tex.)
Exceptionally biased - makes decisions based on how she feels and not the legal argument behind them. Has no issue giving her opinion with no reasoning to back it up. She will decide if she likes you or not before you walk through the door.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/5/2017 3:08:29 PM)