Hon. Ivan Davis (E.D.Va.)
Abusive, overbearing and not very smart.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/2/2023 12:50:07 AM)
Hon. Stephanie A. Gallagher (D.Md.)
In my litigation before the Maryland District Court, I perceived a consistent bias from Judge Stephanie Agli Gallagher. My impression is that she may not have thoroughly reviewed my filings, as her rulings consistently favored the defendant, a large institution. I believe she relied on their assertions without adequately considering my substantial evidence of racial discrimination, sexual harassment, intimidation, harassment, and abuse of power. In her filings, I felt personally insulted, both as a woman and as a non-U.S. born individual. Furthermore, it seemed to me that she dismissed hate remarks directed at me due to my Muslim faith, thereby legitimizing them. This experience has left me deeply traumatized. Online records and discussions label Judge Gallagher as someone who tends to side with more powerful parties, as allegedly evidenced in the Nate Cain case. I attribute the loss of my case to what I perceive as her judicial bias.
Civil Litigation - Govt. - (11/29/2023 8:53:18 PM)
Hon. A. David Copperthite (D.Md.)
Magistrate Judge David Cooperthite was assigned to adjudicate my lawsuit against my employer Morgan State University, which involves allegations of racial discrimination. During the proceedings, I perceived a significant bias and favoritism towards my employer from Judge Cooperthite. He warned me that rejecting a settlement offer, which I deemed inadequate, might lead to losing the case and potential termination from my job. Furthermore, I feel that my rights, especially as a Muslim and a non-native-born American, were undermined, attributing undue power to my employer and the federal judge overseeing my case. In my opinion, such actions by a magistrate judge, which I view as corrupt, should not be permissible. The US Constitution and federal laws advocate for equal rights, irrespective of one's place of birth. This experience with Judge Cooperthite has been deeply distressing and has left me feeling traumatized by what I perceive as judicial corruption.
Civil Litigation - Govt. - (11/29/2023 8:23:56 PM)
Hon. William Alsup (N.D.Cal.)
Brady Material is evidence helpful to a person accused of a crime. Prosecution lost Brady Material in criminal trial against me. Alsup denied my motion seeking the Brady material. I believe that every party seeking justice should avoid appearing before alsup.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (11/26/2023 8:16:05 AM)
Hon. J. Paul Oetken (S.D.N.Y.)
Don’t expect a fair trial. He is pro government.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (11/25/2023 6:32:31 PM)
Hon. Rebecca R. Pallmeyer (N.D.Ill.)
EDITOR'S NOTE This judge's comments were inadvertently deleted. We repost below the comments left for this judge: Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: 24888 Rating:4.5 Comments: Very fair and pleasant disposition. Her main problem? Way too slow. Its bordering on the unjust how slow she is. Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: 23850 Rating:10.0 Comments: the epitome of a great judge Criminal Defense Lawyer Comment #: 19901 Rating:4.9 Comments: needs to run her own court room ans stop letting da prosecutors tell her what 2 do! Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: 19860 Rating:2.5 Comments: Damn, this lady is slow with opinions. Seriously, it has been over a year. If she cannot do the job, she should not be there. Other Comment #: 18954 Rating:1.0 Comments: She has no heart and only pays attention to the prosecutor. She needs to pay attention to the defense attorney too because she puts innocent people in prison. Comment #: 18703 Rating:1.0 Comments: the worst of the worst. flighty, insincere, does not listen or understand complex cases. only interested in herself and her own career; truly a pawn for the government. this woman is the exact opposite of what is true and fair about our country and a shining example of why our government gets away with frivolous cases in the name of politics. she is in no way competent enough to hold this position. she is truly a disappointment to the united states justice system. i feel sorry for anyone who has to stand before this puppet, as her mind was probably already made up before the trial began. Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: 18192 Rating:6.2 Comments: Polite and knowledgeable but very indecisive. Takes a very long time to decide motions for summary judgment. Changes her mind on trial rulings. She despises motions for attorney's fees and does all she can to avoid or delay ruling on them. She will not conduct hearings on them. I had her reversed on failing to do so. Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: 12737 Rating:4.4 Comments: Career judge who spent only six years in private practice. She is ambitious, insincere and adept at demonstrating false modesty. Her goal is to be on the seventh circuit, so she cows to the government any time she is given a chance. By far the worst trial judge in the building. Don't mean distirct judge, I mean TRIAL judge. Bad instincts and an inability to intuit anythijg evidentiary. Then again most of her trials are crminal matters, so all she need do is follow her orders from the ausas. She loves to do that. Her written opinions are solid, but slow to issue. Criminal Defense Lawyer Comment #: 11838 Rating:Not Rated Comments: Great job to Hon. Rebecca R. Pallmeyer for NOT letting the Governor out of jail prior to completing his jail sentance. No other jailed person can leave jail because a loved one is ill. All must be fair and if one is going to comkmit a crime the crime has to be served. Kudos Judge!!! Other Comment #: 11837 Rating:1.0 Comments: THIS JUDGE DOES NOT KNOW THE MEANING OF JUSTICE. SHE MAY KNOW THE LAW, BUT HAS ZERO COMPASSION. GEORGE RYAN MAY HAVE BROKEN THE LAW,BUT HIS WIFE DID NOT. TO DENY HIM BOND AT SUCH A SAD TIME IN HIS WIFE'S ILLNESS IS BEYOND UNDERSTANDING. Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: 8686 Rating:9.7 Comments: Had a case that settled with her, the first round of settlement she personally oversaw a settlement conference and spent a whole day with us. Got her hands dirty. Didn't always rule for me, but I really like her. A very good judge who is courteous to lawyers. It's a surprise she hasn't been moved to 7th Circuit yet. Civil Litigation - Private Comment #: 6866 Rating:9.5 Comments: I have had several cases in front of her. First, she is probably one of the nicest people I have ever met, and she handles her courtroom in that manner. She is very patient and open to listening to counsel and litigants. She never loses her cool. She makes great calls from the bench after listening to both sides. Her rulings usually take a while to issue, especially on contested/briefed motions, but she gets it right. One of the best judges in the building, and my favorite to appear in front of. Criminal Defense Lawyer Comment #: 3289 Rating:4.7 Comments: Kind and patient on the bench, but when it comes time for the rulings, her true strongly-pro-prosecution colors come out. Criminal Defense Lawyer Comment #: 2890 Rating:9.8 Comments: Incredibily patient with pro se litigants, almost as patient with litigators, but at the same time she knows what she's doing. Other Comment #: 2235 Rating:9.0 Comments: Pallmeyer has reportedly always wanted to be a judge. Until last week, I would have said she is in the perfect calling because she typically is a good one. But then she sentenced the former Governor to a ridiculously light 6.5 years after a 4 month public corruption trial that was riddled with problems with the jury. She appeared to make all of the right calls legally, but turned to jelly when it came time to sentence the governor. If she gets reversed, they should remand the case to Judge Ruben Castillo. Perhaps he can teach her a thing or two about ensuring that sentences have a deterrent effect on would-be criminals. As it currently stands, she shouldn't be allowed to preside over anything other than civil cases.
Other - (11/20/2023 12:51:11 PM)
Hon. Douglas P. Woodlock (D.Mass.)
A civil litigation/trial attorney with 40 years of experience commenting here. Woodlock was never fit to be appointed any type of judge let alone a federal judge. He is not particularly intelligent and has a vindictive dismissive nasty personality. His judicial opinions are not that well written. Having Woodlock assigned to your case is the worst possible assignment in the district. When you inform other attorneys that Woodlock was assigned to your case, the response is usually one of immediate sympathy.
Civil Litigation - Private - (11/20/2023 8:18:58 AM)
Hon. Jed S. Rakoff (S.D.N.Y.)
He is really learned and well read however imposes his learning on one side or the other; rarely both; seems to pick favorites quickly and can explode in anger in a nano-second
Civil Litigation - Private - (11/18/2023 10:23:01 AM)
Hon. K. Michael Moore (S.D.Fla.)
Finally saw a defendant get their just reward. We were thrilled that this judge saw through their BS before and at trial. Lying cheating and stealing their entire life- and finally will be paying for their crime. I can almost guarantee that any person charged with fraud- that will have NOT been that person’s first time committing fraud, it’s just the first time they were caught.
Other - (11/16/2023 1:22:29 PM)
Hon. Landya B. McCafferty (D.N.H.)
In a high profile case she finds that a gun fired without the trigger being pulled. And the company expressly marketed that this would not and could not happen. And that plaintiff relies on this assurance in keeping his gun and that his testimony was entirely credible. Then she finds no deceptive marketing. One expects more from the system. Another example why plaintiffs avoid federal courts now
Other - (11/13/2023 7:09:45 AM)