Hon. Ann Marie Donnelly (E.D.N.Y.)
Judge Donnelly is thee most lawless corrupt judge. This is a fact not opinion.The problem with her is black and white law means nothing to her. She openly makes racist and sexist comments With impunity against Victims in civil cases. She is so abusive, Id never subject my clients to her abuse, waste of time and money. If your client isn’t white, your client isnt right —-in her eyes. She cloaks herself in decency but there is nothing Decent about her and her rulings have no basis in law or fact. She is the unequivocal epitome of everything wrong with America. Because of her, I’m ashamed to be an American and I’ve finally accepted that our system is not one of law, but of arbitrary and capricious rulings from power hungry bureaucrats. Just read her rulings, a high school student could’ve written the dribble she writes, I forget I’m in a courtroom when she presides. She’s a hostile white woman from the Mid West who uses slang and loves saying “ain’t” . Her accent is like nails on a chalkboard. She has no respect for Constitutional rights of any litigant and FRCP means nothing to her. She make rulings based on nonexistent law that no judge would ever make. She’s really aggressive as someone else said below and she’ll argue the case of the litigant she prefers - you’ll know early on who she’s in favor of, she doesn’t hide her biases. Most disturbing thing- in the R Kelly case, her daughter was the producer of the Surviving R Kelly television show that led to his prosecution. Soon as the DA filed a complaint, she maneuvered herself onTo the case , intentionally with a conflict of interest with her daughter. This is an explicit example of exactly what she did in one of my cases. She’s on the take and has extrajudicial biases. The innocent will never be given due process if she’s your judge. Remember she’s Chuck Schumer’s Monica Lewinsky, but less smart.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/29/2020 10:37:19 PM)
Hon. Mark H. Cohen (N.D.Ga.)
Horrible, ignorant Judge who rules without even looking at the FRCP. Demands but does not earn respect. Political guy not a trial lawyer, pathetic excuse for a Judge.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (10/28/2020 8:28:30 PM)
Hon. George H. Wu (C.D.Cal.)
I have a robust federal court practice from the plaintiff's side. I am familiar with every judge in the Central District. Judge Wu is just terrible. Other than Percy Anderson, Judge Wu is the worst in the district. He decisions are not fair and balanced but strain to find the outcome he desires. He ignores case law that does not favor his ruling-does not even attempt to distinguish it--and frames the issues in a way that almost makes you laugh if it were not so painful.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/28/2020 5:51:18 PM)
Hon. Dale S. Fischer (C.D.Cal.)
The nicest thing I can say is she needs to retire!
Other - (10/28/2020 10:57:19 AM)
Hon. Margaret C. Rodgers (N.D.Fla.)
It is my opinion post sentencing that Judge Rogers is biased and rules based on her personal beliefs and opinions.
Other - (10/28/2020 9:43:38 AM)
Hon. Dale S. Fischer (C.D.Cal.)
Extremely biased judicial officer, disregard the law and the cannons of the judicial ethics.
Litigant - (10/28/2020 3:52:40 AM)
Hon. Dale S. Fischer (C.D.Cal.)
Extreme and obvious bias in favor of the government. Utters noises and rolls her eyes from the bench for all the gallery and jurors to see. Disparages the lawyers before her. Quite an embarrassment to our justice system. Justice may be blind but Dale sees what she wants to see. And it will become obvious to all in the courtroom, in short order, i.e, after first day of discovery or pre-trial, how she will rule in the end. Respectfully, it's time to put this one out to pasture and let a fair and unbiased person to occupy that seat. There has been enough suffering in 2020.
Litigant - (10/27/2020 9:47:13 PM)
Hon. James K. Singleton (D.Alaska)
I would really like to know why this Judge is even on the bench and deciding cases. This man is 81yo and he is clearly not right in the head. I talked with this Judge the other day and he clearly could not understand what we were talking about in matters of importance to the people we represent. The people that work with him know that he is incapable of being a reasonable jurist and only shrug and nod during his wandering decisions or discussions. That is why his cases are being overturned in the 9th circuit on a regular basis. It is sad that this Judge cannot understand that it is time to go fishing instead of sitting on a bench he no longer understands. Justice should never be delayed because they want to stay on the bench well past there time and capabilities to do so.
Prosecutor - (10/27/2020 9:47:19 AM)
Hon. Terry J. Hatter, Jr. (C.D.Cal.)
This judge may have been fair in human rights cases, but he does not have the mental bandwidth to handle complex litigation. He is rude, forgetful and frankly, not very bright. Should you have a business, copyright, trademark or patent case before this man, settle or run for the hills. He is profoundly incompetent and an embarrassment to the federal bench.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/26/2020 4:20:07 PM)
Hon. Elizabeth A. Wolford (W.D.N.Y.)
An all around outstanding judge. Always prepared so don't even think about not being at the top of your game. She will see through it and rip you to shreds. Smart, very hard working and prompt in decisions.
Civil Litigation - Private - (10/26/2020 2:16:08 PM)