Hon. Marvin J. Garbis (D.Md.)
Seems to favor big law firms as a reflex. Makes his mind up early and bias is quite evident.
Civil Litigation - Private - (2/23/2018 6:03:59 PM)
Hon. Naomi Reice Buchwald (S.D.N.Y.)
I tried a criminal case before Judge Buchwald. I found her rulings to be better on trial than pretrial, but still not great. She did leave me alone on cross for the most part, as well as on opening and closing. However, she ruled I opened the door to my client's criminal conviction during his testimony, and I believe she was wrong. Luckily it didn't affect the verdict. Her jury charge was good.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (2/23/2018 2:58:03 PM)
Hon. Percy Anderson (C.D.Cal.)
Rude, arrogant, biased, disdainful of all (government, defense, defendant) and for some reason, he actually thinks he's SMART!
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (2/22/2018 8:36:47 PM)
Hon. Linda R. Reade (N.D.Iowa)
All I do know is if she is your judge you may as well kiss your behind goodbye. She doesn't care about any type of family life for you. She doesn't have a soul as far as I am concerned.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (2/20/2018 5:16:30 PM)
Hon. Matthew F. Kennelly (N.D.Ill.)
In open court he is ill tempered, often goes off half-cocked, has an extremely rigid view of the law on spur of the moment issues. He needlessly threatens lawyers all the time and generally always seems angry at the world. That being said, he is fine if not above average and demonstrates excellent scholarship with in his written opinions. He is a paradox. An above average judge who you need to send your associate in to court to deal with. Not good dinner company I would suppose.
Civil Litigation - Private - (2/19/2018 2:35:16 PM)
Hon. Kenneth M. Hoyt (S.D.Tex.)
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (2/17/2018 11:09:07 PM)
Hon. Sarah Netburn (S.D.N.Y.)
A real piece of work. In the event you're unlucky enough to get her, it's worth every penny to discontinue and spend the $400 to get someone else. 'Nuff said.
Civil Litigation - Govt. - (2/16/2018 4:41:35 PM)
Hon. LaShann Moutique DeArcy Hall (E.D.N.Y.)
Very conservative in jury instructions text. The voir dire queries she accepts from counsel and reads are limited to the broadest outline of the issues. Very strict on time, and tends to allocate little; e.g. 30 mins per witness. Comes from a corporate litigation practice.
Civil Litigation - Private - (2/15/2018 4:17:16 PM)
Hon. Gregory H. Woods (S.D.N.Y.)
Come to Judge Woods' court prepared with the support for your argument, or you'll walk out embarrassed -- not because Judge Woods is mean, but because your nonsense will be exposed. This was one of the best jurists I've ever argued in front of -- fair, well-prepared, and on top of things.
Civil Litigation - Private - (2/14/2018 7:07:04 PM)
Hon. Nicholas G. Garaufis (E.D.N.Y.)
He clearly has no respect for the separation of powers within our government and is a typical liberal judge who feels compelled to legislate from the bench. He is unfit to be a judge.
Other - (2/14/2018 6:46:06 AM)