Hon. Kandis A. Westmore (N.D.Cal.)
Super smart judge that was able to handle and effectively settle a complex case.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/12/2018 1:44:39 PM)
Hon. Deborah K. Chasanow (D.Md.)
Just not very smart. Ignores settled law, including clear statutory law, and makes up her own law. Amazing that she graduated from an elite law school (Stanford), since she's not what I think of as typical quality from such a school. I think part of her problem is she does not like certain kinds of litigants when race or ethnicity is at issue. You're probably better off not being white in such a case.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/11/2018 4:57:06 AM)
Hon. Charles P. Kocoras (N.D.Ill.)
How can judge Charles put in his order that the Defendants was intending to file a motion to dismiss the big word is intending meaning to do something but they didn’t
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (12/9/2018 2:01:10 PM)
Hon. Charles P. Kocoras (N.D.Ill.)
I just would like to know how could or why would judge Charles deny a person with stage four cancer a fee waiver and hold the case for 3 months and then deny the fee waiver she file a motion apologizing to the court for holding up the case because of cancer but not knowing that it was the judge holding up the case how could a judge do such a thing to a person or a case Deny
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (12/8/2018 9:54:45 PM)
Hon. Charles P. Kocoras (N.D.Ill.)
This judge has proven to a group of pro se litigants in a civil suit his animosity that he holds against them by deliberately upholding for a total of 90-days forma pauperis applications in order to destroy their case. Shame on this judge he shouldn't be allow on the the judiciary brench.
Other - (12/8/2018 8:30:46 PM)
Hon. Marcia S. Krieger (D.Colo.)
A disaster hiding under a robe. Does not understand the facts and makes up her own, shows no respect to either side...then fails to uphold the juries awards. Very sad, you will find no justice in her court
Litigant - (12/7/2018 9:54:53 AM)
Hon. Beverly Reid O Connell (C.D.Cal.)
i never got to meet her, the weekend before court appearance she ruled against me, having me to find out at court. She sides with big interest no matter what the argument is. The little guy had no chance with her, she apparently died in court from a pre-condition she had I wonder if that affected her ability to be a fair judge?
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/7/2018 8:25:30 AM)
Hon. Stefan R. Underhill (D.Conn.)
Judge Underhill acts in haste without establishing facts and makes blatantly erroneous decisions without adequate analysis of legal precedents. How can we get him removed from the bench before he harms lives,wastes additional taxpayer money and fails to uphold the judicial standards?
Civil Litigation - Govt. - (12/6/2018 10:05:27 PM)
Hon. Stefan R. Underhill (D.Conn.)
has no business being a judge. a weird, nasty person. hates plaintiffs and everyone knows it.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/4/2018 10:22:07 PM)
Hon. Mark P. Lane (W.D.Tex.)
A very intelligent and kind individual. His strength seems to be in his criminal-prosecution background but he is thoughtful and open-minded in dealing with civil matters.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/3/2018 7:52:16 AM)