Hon. Otis D. Wright, II (C.D.Cal.)
Pathetic excuse for a federal judge. This guy has a horrible temperament and frequently yells at attorneys and belittles people in his courtroom. He is supposedly the only federal judge in history to have declared bankruptcy, yet he still has civil matters pending before him all the time. I hope the Justice Dept. is keeping an eye on this guy.
Litigant - (3/31/2020 10:24:02 AM)
Hon. Gary L. Sharpe (N.D.N.Y.)
BS system
Civil Litigation - Private - (3/31/2020 8:53:27 AM)
Hon. William P. Dimitrouleas (S.D.Fla.)
Very biased Judged, has racist tendencies. Does not accept the facts against the corrupt actions of Government Agents.
Litigant - (3/31/2020 4:29:51 AM)
Hon. William M. Conley (W.D.Wis.)
Judge Conley does not appear to hold pro se Plaintiffs to a high standard of proof so much as an impossible one. He's essentially from and for corporate America. He would not allow discovery to proceed in my case, nor did he give me much of any opportunity to rework my complaint with the help of a lawyer I hired, despite what I think must be evidence of misfeasance by defendants' counsel, in obstructing discovery. Nor did he oversee much of any progress, despite what I see as a clear obligation for the judge to be an active leader in that regard.
Litigant - (3/29/2020 11:22:52 PM)
Hon. Thomas J. McAvoy (N.D.N.Y.)
Hon.Chief Justice McAvoy,is every bit of what a justice should be. In fact I've found him to be evenhanded, fair, impartial, and extremely conscious of the constitutional rights of each and every party (i.e., pro se, or lawyer)that appeared in his prestigious Court
Litigant - (3/26/2020 4:28:23 PM)
Hon. David O. Carter (C.D.Cal.)
He needs to retire. Way past his prime. Now just an egomaniac jerk-on-the-bench who seems to dislike lawyers, and appears to take perverse pride in making things way harder than they need to be (at least he seems unbiased in his dislike). Got removed from a major case because of his biased and limelight-seeking conduct and remarks.
Civil Litigation - Private - (3/25/2020 1:38:22 PM)
Hon. Frederic Block (E.D.N.Y.)
Absolutely no impartiality. Wouldnt let you try your case. Protected witnesses and refused to allow cross with inconsistent dep testimony. Decided which attorwey he liked and that dictated decision.made factual findings contrary to fact stipulations in the record and simply ignored the law.
Civil Litigation - Private - (3/24/2020 6:45:18 PM)
Hon. Neil V. Wake (D.Ariz.)
Monday, March 18, 2020 Civil Rights Atty Shawn Mcmillian's client won an appeal against Judge Wake in the 9th Circuit. Wake was obviously upset, showed shocking behavior and bias throughout these proceeding against Mr. Mcmillian on the other hand Wake showed deference, kindness and legal guidance as if he were an attorney for the opposition. Mcmillan showed great restraint, patience and respect toward Judge Wake nevertheless, Wake screamed, at Mr. Mcmillan, pounded his desk, interrupted, overruled and sustained objections against Mcmillian countless times with anger and hostility so much so, the jury could not help but notice, causing shock and discomfort for those in the gallery and the jury. Judge Wake screamed at Mr. Mcmillian that he was boring the jury with repetition of facts of the defendant's violations of the Constitutional rights of his client. Wake shamed Mr. Mcmillian by telling him, his arguments regarding defendant's Constitutional violations against his client… by seizing her daughter without warrant, or exigency, a factual, honest or complete investigation were meaningless! Wake apologized to the jury regarding Mr. Mcmillian's behavior!!! At times when those violations were brought up by Mr. Mcmillan during the trial, Waked seemed on the verge apoplexy. His disapproval of Mr. Mcmillian was unyielding in front of the jury. Without the jury, in the court a 2 hour jury instruction meeting with Judge Wake made it clear to Mr. Mcmillan that Wake with the defense team stacked the deck against Mr. Mcmillian. Mcmillian showed his concern to Judge Wake that his jury instructions were changing daily and they were suggestive, Shaw Mcmillian did not say biased. Biased is the word court watchers are using to describe Judge Wake. In decades of court watching I have never seen such sustained, vicious, biased, out of control behavior by a judge. It was shameful!
Other - (3/24/2020 4:46:51 PM)
Hon. John Joseph Tuchi (D.Ariz.)
this judge has not only denied justice to my son and for myself but colluded with the respondents committing judicial interference in my appeals process this judge should be disrobed permanently, never to serve in any judicial capacity ever again!
Other - (3/24/2020 2:34:17 PM)
Hon. John H. McBryde (N.D.Tex.)
Tyrant, extremely difficult, has no problem sentencing people to decades with only statements against them.
Prosecutor - (3/19/2020 12:59:01 PM)