Hon. Gary S. Feinerman (N.D.Ill.)
He’s my favorite judge in the nation. Incredibly smart. Very hard worker. And he has no ego - if you can convince him that he’s wrong, he’s pleased to learn something. Always treats lawyers with respect and kindness, though he’s no pushover. He has ruled against me more times than not, but I am always convinced I will get a fair shake.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/17/2017 5:38:29 PM)
Hon. James Donato (N.D.Cal.)
Judge Donato mixes a dangerous combination of arrogance, lack of understanding of the law and a lack of self awareness. He seems to be completely ego/power driven and appears to only care about belittling those unfortunate enough to appear in front of him. He is unaware of his huge gaps in knowledge, as demonstrated by an unfortunate display when he was sitting by designation on the 9th Circuit. Overall, it is a miserable experience being before him. He is a caricature of an arrogant, mean spirited and ill informed judge.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/17/2017 5:22:53 PM)
Hon. Stefan R. Underhill (D.Conn.)
Cheaters never prosper. Judge Underhill lost my respect when he allowed cheating in his court. He gave verbal permission to Nicole Tuman Walsh that she could practice without a Connecticut Certificate of Good Standing for 15 months. Walsh filed a Notice of Appearance for the New York Law Office of Julie Stark without a Connecticut bar Certificate of Good Standing. Prejudiced Walsh loving Judge Underhill let Walsh cheat. Cheaters never prosper. Let's see what bad fate befalls them fo being thick as thieves cheating
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/17/2017 12:08:33 PM)
Hon. Stefan R. Underhill (D.Conn.)
Stupid is as stupid does. Judge Underhill does stupid things. Stupidly Judge Underhill admits his violation of constitutional rights of a prisoner through a prison visit without the prisoner's defense counsel in violation of sixth amendment rights to counsel. Even more stupidly Judge Underhill admits to the prison cell visit in his New York Times article "Did the Man I Sentence to 18 Years Really Deserve It?" Judge Underhill does stupid behavior
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (12/17/2017 12:05:05 PM)
Hon. Stefan R. Underhill (D.Conn.)
Judge Underhill is one of the worst constitutional rights judges in the country. Avoid a plea bargain with him because he is known for excessively harsh sentences. He wants a sentencing lookback for a second chance rather than assess accurately rehabilitation potential at the time of sentencing. Please improve your poor performance Judge Underhill
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (12/17/2017 12:01:17 PM)
Hon. Stefan R. Underhill (D.Conn.)
What a bloody mess! Judge Underhill uses human blood plasma money to fund the law firms of administratively suspended attorneys. What a nasty despicable judge. Protest the worst judge in the US
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (12/17/2017 11:58:58 AM)
Hon. Tonianne J. Bongiovanni (D.N.J.)
As a plaintiff we never hear what goes on at their phone conferences, we look at the minutes and they are very vague. When there is an issue with defense counsel, they are even more vague. It appears that our whole legal system is broken. I would love to hear other plaintiffs opinion.
Other - (12/17/2017 9:22:25 AM)
Hon. Charles R. Simpson III (W.D.Ky.)
Terrible. Granted sj against a guy who was unlawfully arrested for not giving up his ID when the police lacked even reasonable suspicion. Entire event was recorded both audio and video. Almost literally copied and pasted the county's brief. Didn't grant oral. Claimed that because cop filed a sworn citation that it was true. This despite the fact that the cop admitted he fabricated the facts in the citation after the video came out in the criminal trial... This judge puts tyrant and tyrannical... Stay clear unless you are the government. Surely will be reversed in appeal.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/16/2017 11:28:28 PM)
Hon. Susan R. Bolton (D.Ariz.)
The comments on this page by Judge Bolton are from a pack of trolls who apparently admired Joe Arpaio. They have no relevance whatsoever to her judicial skills. And one of them states a complete lie about her: that "no one in Arizona has any respect for her." That's a complete falsehood because Judge Bolton was very well-regarded as a superior court judge, and her reputation has carried over into her federal career. To the contrary, she is very well-known in the legal community of Phoenix for being even-handed and fair. I say this as a lawyer who has both won and lost arguments before her. Even when I have lost, I may have disagreed with her reasoning but her reasoning was nonetheless sound.
Civil Litigation - Govt. - (12/15/2017 5:15:10 PM)
Hon. Alex Kozinski (Chief Judge) (C.C.A)
An arrogant bully. Not interested in reaching the correct decision but only proving he is smarter than you. Terrible judicial temperament focused on all the wrong things.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/15/2017 12:41:44 AM)