Hon. James van Meerveld (E.D.La.)
No idea what she’s doing. Covers her incompetence with arrogance. Remind me of judge Ronnie wicker. A poor selection
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/5/2019 7:26:53 PM)
Hon. Barry Ashe (E.D.La.)
Remembers his friends in his rulings. No clue how to handle cases other than what he did as a lawyer. Biased.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/5/2019 6:59:54 PM)
Hon. P. Kevin Castel (S.D.N.Y.)
CASTEL is nasty; pro government and wants to accuse litigants of crimes without evidence. He is uninformed and relies on reports from clerks who are in high school. CASTEL’ doesn’t listen and plays god.
Litigant - (12/4/2019 10:52:35 PM)
Hon. John A. Houston (S.D.Cal.)
This man - - John a Houston - - is a disgrace to the bench. This sitting judge accepted a shorter version of an evidentiary recording as means of authenticating a longer version which had been compressed and converted to the MPEG2 FORMAT, for which has a date-stamp identifying it had been created two weeks after the charged incident... thus rendering it incompetent and factually impossible of being authentic. Judge John a Houston allowed for respondent to ignore the explicit language contained in the court order mandating Authentication, where she had been directed to sign a declaration attesting to its Authentication. Judge Houston would also ignore instructional error which permitted conviction under a deficient standard of proof, thus qualifying a structural are pursuant to Sullivan verse Louisiana, which warrants structural are review and reversal per se.
Litigant - (12/4/2019 4:06:24 PM)
Hon. G. Murray Snow (D.Ariz.)
Great judge. Smart and fair. Treats litigants and counsel with respect. Clearly many of the comments here are motivated by politics re Sheriff Joe and not the law.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/4/2019 1:54:07 PM)
Hon. Marian W. Payson (W.D.N.Y.)
Great job. Smart. Considerate to counsel and litigants. Very flexible in granting extensions upon consent and notice. Be prompt. Know that she will be prepared so don't play any games.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/4/2019 1:39:58 PM)
Hon. Michael J. Roemer (W.D.N.Y.)
Judge Roemer the consummate worker. Not flashy but diligent and fair.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/4/2019 1:37:29 PM)
Hon. Eduardo C. Robreno (E.D.Pa.)
Found Robreno to be extremely biased in favor of defense/big law firm. In cases before Robreno female litigants with huge damages with clear liability had the unfortunate experience of an appeal from Robreno finding itself before what some believe to be a misogynistic circuit judge who routinely did not issue opinions in the appeals of Robreno's questionable decisions. Female litigants rendered powerless and victimized. Justice denied.
Civil Litigation - Private - (12/2/2019 2:59:47 PM)
Hon. Frederic Block (E.D.N.Y.)
On his iPhone throughout the entire proceeding, every day at all points. This is a very serious problem, one which needs to be addressed immediately. Distracted. Uninterested. Unfamiliar with the case and evidence. Could not remember who which party was the defendant. Deferential to corporate litigants and witnesses which he feels are powerful. Confused about the law. Poor with accounting. Disoriented. Allows his clerks to make most decisions, heavily reliant on Mike Innelli. Ad hoc in his pre-trial rulings. Relies on antiquated vague forms, rules and instructions in an effort to appear quirky and old school, but it is obvious he uses them so that only he knows what is actually happening in the courtroom. Testifies on the record more than most judges. Talks about himself constantly. Uses high drama and over the top gesturing to obscure his actual movements and physical actions during trial. Has no interest in allowing the trial to play out or in hearing the truth, only wants to stay on his schedule. Overly interested in being famous and in litigants who he believes are famous or well known. Makes jurors feel stupid for asking questions. Shouts over testimony. Sanctimonious. Has command of the courtroom which would be good if he had any ability to be unbiased. Mutters during recess to influence anyone who is listening while off the record. Not certain why he is a judge in New York. Seems much more interested in being in Los Angeles.
Civil Litigation - Private - (11/28/2019 12:34:41 AM)
Hon. Virginia A. Phillips (C.D.Cal.)
Third in my list of the three worst judges I have appeared before in 40 years of practice.
Civil Litigation - Private - (11/27/2019 10:31:23 PM)