Hon. Lois Bloom (E.D.N.Y.)
The comment # 30329 must be a joke.
Other - (2/22/2019 8:43:30 PM)
Hon. Rosemary M. Collyer (D.D.C.)
Vladimir Putoin has esczltyed hioes extrekme mental incompetenc eand thje maturbatuion finger of hi spsyhj/otic incomletenmt Trump sychotyc biothjc. He has eassauylted anc attacked Elema bl;nk aal.pl day with his osbesive violecne a sx dhi psysychotc Trump psychopathic Russian bithc an diwth the FBI. H e is despoerateo t; esc;tyed hos creams tnat Elena B;nl need top comit56 suicide ajnd attejpte tdo iill at least opver 24 people with his osychopathgic isnne conduct today by attekpting to caue a mutlipe car accidennt pon thje freeway with his desperate inflictiopn ofm p[ain and his assualt agsinst Elena Blnk;/ he as escaetd his oooevbessi e psychoct desorarre attemp to ahgfve Elena Blnk co itt suciide 9withj the artificla intelligecne rthyhat he use stp attack ELen Blnmk and has esca;letx his depsesperarte psychiotc mentral incompetecne screams. "His Ruisiosan pasodyhcopathic bRussian trump bitch does bot want to hav e thj \e suicie opf LEena Blnk in her ho e and ah sescalte hre osbsi e screams thjaty she nee dfao co itt sucicide expressing her oscyhiytc xhop eowyh her desperrate husband. Blamir Outjn has esclted his psychotgc oprorgamming and his oebsisc e cowardcie an d extreme mental incpmpetecn e and is desperate to kill Elej Blnk esclating his obesiscv e vlobal harssmment show wuirhj screams that Ela Blanl need tp driver nltherwa way qand esclatedx his obobszesisve fraud and disinfor atio with his psychotc Rusisan Rrum; psychpa[thjic bithjc a nz dhis dse;partye pscyhotc screamds anmd the desepragte psychsoy6c screakd of hso Vlasm,ri Piutin's psychopcthic Trum p bitc; He has esc;aed jhos exytrem,e coardic eand attacl; agsos t Elna BLnka and i sianee esclatreing the oebsisv e socyhoytc isnanreity of his opsychjoytgc Russian Trump pscyjocptahicv bithc dssperate3 to kill LEna a Blnk and ha sesclewtydd hois pbesisvce atatcl weoithj ama rtificl intel;ligecne in the ho me of V lamri POuti ;s Russian Trump psychotc bithc repetraedly ;tying baoput hi sobesice global ahrssmety campaign amnd his depesperate aszsual;t agisnst ELna Blb \lank and shis exterme mental incomo9etebnc epresentaion. His psychoyc and isanne assualyt agsinst Elena Blnk is out focntrol ankd he has esclatrc his killing cmpaign and is s deseporate top esc;ate his global war esca;ting hi sosyhopcathic desperate Trump bithc and hre obesisv e psycjosis and delsuions with scream,ds that he ha sescaled his osbesi e spcyhtc Russian Trump biotch
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (2/22/2019 8:37:37 PM)
Hon. Lois Bloom (E.D.N.Y.)
The comment # 30329 about judge Bloom must be a joke.
Litigant - (2/22/2019 7:22:22 PM)
Hon. Rosemary M. Collyer (D.D.C.)
Vladmri Putrin ;s;spycjotc bTrumpo bitch and the FBI havbe escalted their opstyjoct attackl agsisnt Eklna bLlank and comntinue iwt the vuolent atatcl agsisnt Elknas Blnka's bin rgijns desperat etoe 5adcaire h hetr rbaoi n rwgionbs witjk Vlamrj OPutin's artificla intellighecn eMS HJAVE ESCALTY3D THEIR OSBESION TOP KILl eLENA b:NK mnd2 yo veradciare her life and any quality of life. thjey have escalted vlamri ouuribn's rusisan trump psycxhotrc bitc n d are desperat ewto attaclk elena blnk when ashe drives escaltrinbg vkamri pouitin;s trump psychotrcv biotch when he has esclayeds his war escalting his osbeisice oscyhotc rump biothc ans dher atatcl agisnst lene bLANK AND HER BRIAN REGIONS. VTHJE OBEISSVCE ASOSCTYJOTYC VILENCE AND ATTAYCL AYSINB5 ELENA BLNLO]SA RBAIN EREGHIONS AMD THJE OEBSISVE ATTACK AGAISNT ELEN ABLNK TO KIL; HER AHS EACLATED OUIT FCNT5ROL WUITJ desprat5te f akle influecnwe cmpaign base dupj vlari pouiruin' soyhcotc trump bitch. vLAMRI PUTRUIN ;SOSYCJOVT BOTRC HAS ESCLET DHER DESPERATY POPSYCHOSKCOGY AND REFSU ETSI LET ELEN AB;MN K.ICVE ESCLATINBG HER FRAID AND ATTACL AGSINST ELEN ABL;K AMD AH SEAS LETYD THE OSBSI E ATTCL WITH VLMAIR OPIRIN AND UIS OEBSSIVE ATTAcl agsinst elen abalnk
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (2/22/2019 5:56:55 PM)
Hon. Alicia G. Rosenberg (C.D.Cal.)
Go to fraudbuster.org to read her decision based on a 'Protection Racket" of judges, law enforcement, and high government officials just the people they are supposed to make sure do not break the law. There is no "All Equal Before the Law."
Civil Litigation - Private - (2/22/2019 1:12:06 PM)
Hon. Katherine Polk Failla (S.D.N.Y.)
Judge Falia enabled a Canadian company to rob US Shareholders. This company sold stocks to the US, claimed Bankruptcy, and stole millions of dollars from US citizens who invested in the company. Hundreds and Thousands of people may be robbed of hundreds and thousands of dollars, simply because Judge Falia, enabled this company, and lacked integrity with this investigation. Judge Falia completely ignored SEC guidelines and procedures on this case
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (2/22/2019 1:06:02 PM)
Hon. Amy Berman Jackson (D.D.C.)
This judge issues unconstitutional gag orders, depriving the public of access to information about the court's proceedings. This judge should be impeached.
Other - (2/21/2019 10:14:22 PM)
Hon. Virginia A. Phillips (C.D.Cal.)
This judge is terrible. She attempted to assert unconstitutional stipulations against a plaintiff and her party by stating that there could be no protests within 2 blocks of the courthouse. If there were any, she would either declare a mistrial or have someone tossed in jail for contempt of court. She told the plaintiff's council that they cannot call her "judge," and if they did, they would be thrown in jail or fined for contempt of court. She told people that they could not wear t-shirts with "messages" on them for fear that it would sway the jury, but did nothing when 2 of her jurors were falling in and out of sleep during trial. She allowed the defense to use perjured documents as evidence. She clearly showed favor to the defense attorneys and his client. Reckless in power, biased and negligent.
Other - (2/19/2019 4:49:16 PM)
Hon. Joseph A. Greenaway, Jr. (C.C.A)
Obviously an affirmative action tool- does not think for himself- goes along to get along.
Civil Litigation - Private - (2/19/2019 3:39:59 PM)
Hon. Patty Shwartz (C.C.A)
Fair... considerate, impartial.
Litigant - (2/19/2019 3:31:30 PM)