Hon. Walter E. Johnson (N.D.Ga.)
This guy is an illiterate juvenile delinquent douche. Sorry, this is the most politically correct and polite way I could think of to describe him. The child requires substantial remedial education and character development at the very least. In all honesty he should never have been licensed to practice law and should be disbarred, impeached, and criminally prosecuted immediately. He is a felon and domestic terrorist. There is not a rating low enough.
Litigant - (1/16/2021 9:23:45 PM)
Hon. Valerie E. Caproni (S.D.N.Y.)
Once she finally waddles (like the Penguin from Batman)into the courtroom it's just the beginning of watching a tyrant run the courtroom. When she testified in the Senate to get on the bench, it came out what a disgusting, sordid wretched human being she is. Hoping she comes down with diabetes, or in fact any other disease that gets her off the bench.
Civil Litigation - Private - (1/16/2021 5:13:37 PM)
Hon. Stewart D. Aaron (S.D.N.Y.)
The burning question is how long will it take you to discontinue your client’s lawsuit once you find out that you’ve been assigned to this weasel for discovery purposes, and then to spend $400 (a wonderful investment) to get rid of this creep to hopefully get a decent Judge assigned to your client’s matter. He is immature, vicious, vindictive and a screamer. He will not only pass judgment on your client(s) case, but will question her/his veracity at the same time. Mind you, this is in the discovery stage of a civil case! His decisions, blatantly biased and based upon his feelings (and nothing else) deserve to be shredded and certainly not to be published on West law. Mind you, he’s an equal opportunity abuser. He came from a name firm, supposedly as a partner, to impose his disgusting self on the unknowing litigants in this town. Only a real dysfunctional behaving individual makes that ass backward move. Maybe he has some sort of vendetta against lawyers as a whole, I don’t know and I’m not a shrink. I do know he should be nowhere near a courtroom. I hope that he is fully vetted before he makes his move to become a U.S. District Court Judge once his term is up. To give this jerk-off life tenure would be as ugly as it gets, and no one deserves to have him inflicted upon them.
Civil Litigation - Private - (1/16/2021 5:05:14 PM)
Hon. Daniel P. Jordan III (S.D.Miss.)
Very disappointed with this judge. Perhaps, he was too young when placed on the bench. He has no real world view. In addition, I believe he has racist tendencies, to put it politely.
Civil Litigation - Private - (1/16/2021 11:41:06 AM)
Hon. Juan R. Sanchez (E.D.Pa.)
Fair and professional. Treats lawyers and their client's with respect. A good choice for the Federal Bench.
Civil Litigation - Private - (1/15/2021 10:44:49 AM)
Hon. Gail J. Standish (C.D.Cal.)
this judge is corrupt. this adiposed ridden nut, did abused her authority to dismiss my case. she wrote that I "couldn't amend the complaint" because "even though...." I did not state the correct Cause of Action but only alluded to it? And that the complaint could not be remedied, which is bull. Easy to AMEND and a lack of due process emerged, which is what this beast is supposed to judge. there is a complete lack of due process and civil rights when judges like this are on the bench.
Criminal Defense Lawyer - (1/13/2021 11:01:49 PM)
Hon. Deborah M. Fine (D.Ariz.)
Other - (1/13/2021 12:30:34 AM)
Hon. James R. Klindt (M.D.Fla.)
One of the best around.
Other - (1/8/2021 4:28:43 PM)
Hon. Kari A. Dooley (D.Conn.)
She is unfortunately a corporate stooge. A Trump judge that has been put in to protect corporations over the public.
Civil Litigation - Private - (1/8/2021 9:45:31 AM)
Hon. Daniel D. Domenico (D.Colo.)
At summary judgment he ignored plaintiff's arguments which were supported by 10th Circuit authority and ruled for the defendant in what appeared to be an outcome driven decision.
Civil Litigation - Private - (1/7/2021 4:23:33 PM)